About Us

Quirky Approach

At Seams Quirky I do everything with a touch of fun and uniqueness. I combine clashing colors, bold patterns and outrageous hardware to create the craziest and zaniest crafts. I feel that everyone should walk down the street as their own unique person, free of judgement and without regrets. Life is too short to be normal, let’s all be quirky!

Quirky Story

I grew up in a small town in Southern Indiana and always had fabulous thoughts. When I entered, 4-H the instructors wouldn’t let me do the Fashion Class because the final consisted of a runway show and you had to wear your own clothes. Since I was a boy it wasn’t allowed.

Now, decades later I am living a life that bucks tradition and captures the essence of a truly quirky life. I attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, I have a degree in Business Leadership and I am not stopping there!

For years I’ve worked towards getting my business up and running. Now, I can finally start to fly and spread my quirkiness across the world!

Join the Quirky Fam…

If you want to live that quirky life and throw caution to the wind, or if you just need my services, email me or call. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for the latest quirkiness.